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Ask Ernest “Duke” Bennett how he’s doing today and he is likely to reply “Another day in paradise”. Such
an optimistic response is typical of a person who makes it a point to find the silver lining in any situation.
Armed with the ability to communicate effectively and an honest desire to help others, Ernest brings a
level of enthusiasm that is difficult to miss.

Born the son of two law enforcement officers, serving the public and appreciating your neighborhood
are two recurring themes that have always been a major part of Ernest’s life. When asked to give
his impression of Boston Ernest responds “I’ve lived in various neighborhoods in Boston including
Dorchester, East Boston and Mattapan. What has always stood out to me is the pride that is shown
by the residents of each of those areas and beyond. People in Boston truly care about where they
live and want to keep their neighborhoods as safe and prosperous as possible.” This well rounded
understanding of his surroundings is something that Ernest developed at a young age.

As a third grade student at the Pauline A Shaw Elementary School, Ernest was part of an innovative
program that allowed the students to learn about Japanese culture and study the language. From
participating in origami painting to enjoying sushi, this experience made a lasting impression that is
still felt to this day. According to Ernest “The experience I had at the Shaw Elementary School was
major because it taught me to have respect for other cultures and to not be afraid to explore new
avenues.” This same mind set is the reason why he participated in the advanced chess club at Boston
Latin Academy and was co-founder and President of the Multicultural Committee at Avon High School.
One can assume these experiences coupled with a commitment to public service are the reason why
he majored in Political Science at Suffolk University. The theme of diversity and exploring new horizons
also extends into his hobbies as well.

Affectionately nicknamed “Duke” because of his affinity for the great Jazz legend Duke Ellington, Ernest
is an avid music fan. There are over 20,000 songs in his library across a variety of genres that cover
everything from French hip hop to Irish folk music. In addition to being a music lover he is also a foodie,
often reviewing restaurants or coming up with his own delicious recipes at home. Well known for his
knowledge of local dining establishments, friends often reach out to Ernest when they need suggestions
on places to eat in and around Boston. All of these experiences have had an effect on Ernest’s approach
to his position within the office of Boston City Councillor Charles Yancey.

As Manager of Constituent Services for District 4, it is Ernest is responsible for tending to the day to day
needs of the City of Boston with a concentration on the neighborhoods of Dorchester and Mattapan. “It
is my duty to keep my finger on the pulse of the community and work with Councilor Yancey, Chief
of Staff Lynnette Frazier and our other colleagues to come up with effective solutions to whatever
challenges arise.” From representing Councilor Yancey at Board of Appeal hearings, to checking up
on seniors during inclement weather conditions, to honoring leaders in the community with official
resolutions, constituent services is a mixed bag of various responsibilities. The fast paced day to day
operations continue to motivate Ernest; “I love the fact that there is no such thing as a typical day in our
office. Today I could be working on securing housing for a family in need one moment and then be at an
event discussing food and music with the President of a foreign nation the next moment. It’s all pretty


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